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Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Processing Time: 

Our processing time is 5-7 business days. (Processing time starts 24 hours after you place your order.) **This is the processing time unless stated otherwise in the header announcements. 

What is our Shipping Time:

Our shipping time starts from when the Post Office receives it, we use First Class Mail, which is 3-5 days shipping.  If you are in need in a faster shipping time, please contact us for Priority shipping.



Tall Cookies: Tall cookie cutters are considered cookie cutters that are measured by height, (Top to bottom), Wide Cookies: Wide cookie cutters are considered cookie cutters that are measured by width, (Left to Right).

-All cookie cutters have a depth of 4/5" (21mm).

Care Instruction: 

Hand Wash only in cold or lukewarm water, may use soap.  These cutters are not dishwasher safe and do not clean with hot water.

Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations:

We do not accept returns or exchanges.


Custom Cutters: 

If you do not see what you are looking for or wanting a something unique let us know!  We love the challenge of creating something special for our customers. 

Do you offer free shipping:

Yes,  Free shipping is applied automatically without the need of any coupon code on orders $35 on up!!! 

Who we are:

We are Alexandria and Carl , the owners of Alex's Cutters!  I started the journey as a cookier and fell in love!  I bought 3d cookie cutters and used a x-acto knife to cut some out for those last minute orders.  When noticing how expensive they can get and long they  take to ship,  I decided to run an idea past my Fiance' and "Alex's Cutters" was born!  Our Promise is to create affordable cutters that ship fast, with great custom service!!! 

Alexandria: Owner, Illustrator,  Website Customer Service

Carl: 3D Printing, CAD Design, Etsy Customer Service

Love, Alexandria